Intention Painting

Intention Paintings 

Can a painting be more than just something to decorate a wall?  Can a work of art have a lasting positive effect on its environment and its viewers?  My answer to both is YES! I would like to introduce my very special new project, Intention Painting. The quest to explore and employ positive intention in my life has led me to developing a new way to create and share my art.  

Words carry power with them.  We often write out our desires and goals to help them manifest in the physical world.  When we get our ideas out of our head and onto the page (or canvas) it helps them to grow and bloom. This is the goal of Intention Painting.

I am ready to offer this focused art to my patrons and invite you to participate in creating a painting that will have rich and added meaning to it. I ask that you join me in the initial phase of creating the painting where you will write, WITH GREAT FOCUS AND INTENTION, words or simple images that represent what it is that you are wanting in your life.  It could be love, money, good health, better relations with friends and family..anything at all as long as it is positive and not malicious in its intent. Next, allow me to create one of my abstract paintings on top of your words.  I will focus on your intentions as I paint, creating a type of collaboration that has much more to it than what meets the eye.  When completed, your beautiful painting will adorn your wall and hold your wishes hidden behind many layers of rich oil paint. Your involvement in the process will foster a deep personal connection to the piece that will last a lifetime.

Price and lead times are solely based on the size of the canvas with many sizes to choose from. You can keep it intimate with a 6"x6" canvas or go big with a 48"x72" piece that will decorate and inspire. All pieces are unframed but have finished edges and are ready to hang if no framing is desired.  

Please do not hesitate to email me with inquiries and thank you for your interest in Intention Painting!

With Kind Intentions, Sheri Lee Robinson

Copyright 2018